GEORGETOWN TIMES | Swatzel named director of Council for Sustainable Fishing

“The mid-Atlantic fishery has gotten a boost with the formation of an advocacy group with its roots in Murrells Inlet, and the group has lost no time in praising area lawmakers.

Tom Swatzel, a Murrells Inlet businessman and Republican activist, has been named executive director of the Council for Sustainable Fishing, a nonprofit still in its formative stages.

On Wednesday, Swatzel praised Reps. Stephen Goldfinch, R-District 108 and Peter McCoy, R-District 115 for their letter to the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council opposing additional no-fishing zones in the South Atlantic.

‘We thank Reps. Goldfinch and McCoy for standing up for fishing interests and the coastal economy and their recognition that there is simply not enough scientific information to justify any additional deep-water Marine Protected Areas in the South Atlantic,’ Swatzel wrote.” »» Read More

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