Important meetings in Florida and Georgia this week!

This week, the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council will conduct public input meetings in Florida and Georgia on proposed fishery management plan amendments that will affect the black sea bass trap fishery, gray triggerfish, Spanish and king mackerel, and how Annual Catch Limits are calculated on some unassessed snapper-grouper species.

The meeting today will be in Key West, FL.

These are important fishery issues and we urge you to participate in these meetings and/or submit written comments. Click here for the public meeting schedule, how to submit written comments and the amendment documents.

Last Tuesday, CFSF President Wayne Mershon and I attended the SAFMC input meeting in North Myrtle Beach, SC where Wayne spoke about our support for increasing Annual Catch Limits on snapper-grouper species and Spanish mackerel and the need to let commercial black sea bass trap fishermen go back to fishing in the traditional winter months.

Click here for Wayne’s letter to the SAFMC.

Our thanks to Tom Keegan, Field Representative for Congressman Tom Rice (R-SC) and SC state Rep. Tracy Edge (R-N. Myrtle Beach) for attending the meeting and expressing support for the fishing industry.

At last Wednesday’s SAFMC input meeting in Atlantic Beach, NC, black sea bass trap fishermen spoke about the need to reopen the winter trap fishery, which has been closed for two years because of NOAA’s unfounded concerns about the possible entanglement of right whales in the trap lines. There has never been a recorded interaction between a whale and a black sea bass trap line.

Click here for news coverage of the meeting.

The CFSF believes, as most fishermen do, that this closure is totally unwarranted. These already struggling black sea bass trap fishermen should be allowed to fish again in the winter.

Help spread the word about these important meetings by forwarding this email to others you know with a stake in the fishing industry – recreational or commercial.

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Tom Swatzel
Executive Director

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