No to limiting charter and head boats, yes to reducing dead released fish

I wanted to follow up on the email that our Executive Director, Tom Swatzel, recently sent.

It’s very important to get your comments into the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council opposing efforts to limit or reduce the number of charter and headboats in the snapper-grouper fishery before it’s too late.

As Tom stated, there is no scientific justification for for-hire limited entry. The SAFMC even acknowledges in the proposed amendment that the number of for-hire snapper-grouper permits has been “fairly steady” for the last 10 years. Click here for the amendment.

Limited entry will create a “stock market” for permits and is the first step taken in creating catch share programs that destroy jobs.

I urge you to click here today and tell the SAFMC that you are strongly opposed to for-hire limited entry in Snapper-Grouper Amendment 47. Please make your comments no later than August 17th.

Click here to read the comments.

Additionally, the SAFMC is conducting webinars on Amendment 47 in which you can comment on the proposal. The first is this Monday, August 6th, and the others are on August 9th and 14th, all are at 6 pm. Click here to register for a webinar.

Let me switch gears and ask you to support a different SAFMC snapper-grouper amendment.

Amendment 29 is about “best fishing practices,” practices that help reduce bycatch and dead-discards caused by hook damage or barotrauma, such as the use of circle hooks, descending devices and venting tools. Click here for the amendment.

We support the purpose of Amendment 29 and urge you to submit favorable comments to the SAFMC by clicking here. The deadline for comments is also August 17th.

Click here to read the Amendment 29 comments.

Webinars on the amendment will be held on August 7th and 8th. Click here to register.

Thank you in advance for your efforts on these important matters!

Wayne Mershon
Council for Sustainable Fishing

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