Public hearings and a new board member

Starting next week on August 1st, the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council will begin public hearings and scoping on proposed fishery management changes for cobia, mutton snapper, dolphin and yellowtail snapper.

Here’s a summary of what’s being proposed:

Cobia: Reduce the bag limit from 2 fish to 1 fish per person/day, establish a vessel limit of 3 fish per vessel/day, and increase the current minimum size limit from 33” to 36”.

Mutton snapper: Define the spawning months, reduce the 10 fish per person/day bag limit to 3 fish per person/day within the aggregate snapper bag limit year round, increase the minimum size limit from 16” to 18”, and establish a commercial trip limit of 300 pounds during the “regular season” and a 3 fish per person/day limit during the designated spawning season.

Dolphin and yellowtail snapper: Options for ways to shift allocations for dolphin and yellowtail snapper between commercial and recreational sectors to help ensure longer fishing seasons, including temporary shifts in allocation on an “as needed” basis, permanent changes to allocation, or removing sector allocations and managing the stocks under single annual catch limits.

Have your voice heard on these important proposed management changes. Click here for the hearing and scoping schedule and detailed information about the proposals.

I want to welcome Denny Springs aboard as our newest board member. Denny was elected at our recent annual meeting. He owns Harrelson’s Seafood Market in Murrells Inlet, SC and is a life long resident of the area. My congratulations and thanks to Denny for his election and willingness to provide fishing industry leadership.

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Tom Swatzel
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Council for Sustainable Fishing

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