Stop efforts to reduce the number of charter and headboats

I’m sure you’ve seen those horror movies where despite repeated attempts to kill the monster, it always comes back to life and wreaks havoc.

Charter and headboat operators are now living one of these horror movies as the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council once again moves forward with limiting the number of for-hire snapper-grouper permits, this time through Snapper-Grouper Amendment 47.

And now the SAFMC is not just talking about limiting the number of charter and headboats, they are now talking about decreasing the number. Click here to read the amendment.

The SAFMC is now taking written comments on the amendment. I urge you to click here today and tell the SAFMC that you are strongly opposed to for-hire limited entry. Please make your comments no later than August 17th.

Click here to read the comments.

The SAFMC keeps pushing limited-entry despite the fact that the number of snapper-grouper for-hire permits has remained virtually unchanged over the last 10 years and for-hire fishing effort in federal waters is 22 percent below the effort in 2007.

This has nothing to do with fishery sustainability. A limited-entry fishery is the first step toward a catch share fishery, one that will set up a “stock market” for permits.

Just click here to read the comments from the National Association of Charterboat Operators, which describes the for-hire limited entry disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and states that the “limited entry program has resulted in an additional stock market for fisheries” and is “working to eliminate for hire vessel owners from the industry.”

And now the SAFMC is considering not just limiting, but decreasing the number of charter and headboats.

Please click here today to access the SAFMC online comment form and tell them you’re opposed to for-hire limited entry. These “on the record” comments are crucial. Please make your comments no later than August 17th.

Thank you in advance for your efforts!

Tom Swatzel
Executive Director
Council for Sustainable Fishing

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