SUN NEWS | Collaborating for sustainability in fishing industry

“This is a union of a pair of groups that have often been at odds over the years when it comes sharing the fish that are harvested from the sea, and it’s a union that is for the common good.

The newly formed Council for Sustainable Fishing combines recreational fishermen and commercial fishermen in a concerted effort to work together as a watchdog of federal fisheries management in the South Atlantic Region.

…The Council for Sustainable Fishing’s focus is clear right in its name – push for sustainable fishing for recreational and commercial fishermen alike, in order to provide fresh seafood for the public and to enable seafood related businesses to provide needed support for the economy in coastal areas, without negatively impacting fish stocks.

In short, the group is striving to maximize catch limits for fishermen but at limits that would ensure fish stocks are at healthy levels.” »» Read More

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Council for Sustainable Fishing