Urgent -- there are looming threats to fishing in 2014!

We always hope for the best for a new year, but unfortunately commercial and recreational fishing interests face the looming threats in 2014 of more no-fishing zones, job killing “catch shares” schemes and congressional inaction on fixing the badly flawed Magnuson-Stevens Act, among others.

We need your financial support today to be able to effectively take on these issues and make not only 2014, but future years brighter for fishermen and related businesses!

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council is being pushed hard by radical environmental groups like the Natural Resources Defense Council and Pew to approve over 1,000 sq. miles of additional no-fishing zones or Marine Protected Areas off the coasts of the Carolinas, Georgia and east Florida even though the SAFMC’s own scientific advisors say there is no justification.

Click here and here for our stand against these MPAs.

The Environmental Defense Fund has poured money -- over $200,000 -- into pushing catch shares in the South Atlantic region through a surrogate group called the South Atlantic Fishermen’s Association.

Studies have shown that there is no biological benefit to catch share programs and that they hurt fishing communities by destroying jobs.

EDF had the political clout with the Obama administration to get two of SAFA’s board members appointed to the SAFMC last year, where they will be in a prime position to have enormous influence and votes on whether catch shares are imposed on fishermen.

Click here to read a news story from last week about the nightmare of catch shares in Morro Bay, California, in which the director of the local commercial fishermen’s association calls catch shares “the worst thing that ever happened to the fishing industry.”

To protect jobs, the coastal economy, and the availability of fresh domestic seafood to consumers, we need your financial support today! The CFSF is nonprofit organization that relies on membership dues and contributions to operate. Please join as a member at the highest level that you can afford today by clicking here.

For too long, commercial and recreational fishermen and the coastal economy have been unnecessarily impacted by the inflexible mandates of the 2007 Magnuson-Stevens Act, while Congress has failed to act.

As a result, fishermen and the coastal economy have suffered. The mandates of the MSA have caused South Atlantic snapper-grouper landings to plummet by nearly 35 percent and fishing related jobs to be decimated.

A number of promising bills have been introduced over the years to fix the MSA, including one last week by the chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, but so far none of them have gained any traction in the face of a well-funded radical environmental lobby.

We need your membership today to be able to fund an effective campaign for fishing interests and against unnecessary and unjustifiable regulations that have no bearing on fishery sustainability.

It takes a lot of money to fund the communications, direct mail, legislative monitoring, and other expenses of an effective campaign. Please join our effort today by clicking here.

Thank you in advance for your support!


Tom Swatzel
Executive Director

P.S. It will take a united effort of both commercial and recreational fishing interests to succeed in reining in unnecessary fishery regulations. Help today by clicking here to join our effort!

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